Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not So Gourmet After All...

A while back "fresh ground pepper" were the most popular culinary buzz words on the food channel etc. (says me)
We were intrigued, we liked pepper and then we found a gorgeous copper coloured grinder on sale that made us feel like epicurean royalty with gourmet palettes every time we used it.
The only problem was I like to get my exercise in before we eat or after.
During is a little annoying, not to mention the torture of freshly cooked *insert delicious hot and cheesy meal name here* scents tickling my senses as I grind and grind and grind AND grind...for what seemed like forever quickly grew tiresome.
NOT to mention, the amount of ground pepper I use during the cooking process quickly outgrew the meager amount my pepper grinder produced.
Recently I had an epiphany and ground up almost a full half cups worth of black peppercorns all in one go using my handy dandy all purpose food juicer/grinder/best kitchen friend. It's technically fresh ground...for a day at least. And for the week or two it takes to use the black pepper it's pretty freshly ground and one helluva a lot easier to use during cooking than my ol' copper mill.
So another epiphany, I'm not so gourmet that week old ground pepper offends my senses. Which is cool, because now I've freed myself from the burden of the pepper mill, gained a wee bit of counter space and got a new decorative thing-a-ma-bob to collect dust with all the dust collecting other thing-a-ma-bobs.
Sweet! (well, actually, it's spicy)

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