Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The look of Superiority...

Yeah, that's it. Right there, glowing numbers on the dvr clock that are evidence of my superior feelings today. Already up, beat the neighborhood rooster, breakfast has been had, chocolate chip stash has been raided AND I'm half way through my first cup of coffee...all before 4:30 am.
The feelings of superiority wash over me like a hot shower on a frosty day. I take my cheap thrills where I can get them. I relish them, savor them,. glance at the clock repeatedly as the sky lightens beyond our kitchen window and dawn begins to break...cause I am UP, before the fricking sun.
This is the bonus of having a wack-a-doo schedule that rotates around the clock more times than a second hand.
Mind you in a day or so we'll be getting up at regular, non-superior hours, so I shall relish this while I can. Silently staring holes in the neighbor's houses whispering "Suck it you lazy sleepy heads, suck it."

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